Individual Strength & Conditioning

Strength and conditioning individuals in south east London. Developing and honing skills for kids looking to improve their athletic performance. Work with one of our strength and conditioning coaches to personalise your programme for both you and your sport.

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Why invest in strength and conditioning?

Personalised strength and conditioning means that we can focus on your specific sporting goals. Your personal coach will do performance testing, reports, and a long term programme designed specifically to assist your child in their competitive sport.

Certified coaches

Our coaches are trained, educated and certified to lead group classes. They know how to keep your child safe while helping them reach your potential.

Set goals

Your coach can lay out a plan to meet your child's targets in the time you want.

Personalised attention

With a personal coach, the focus is 100% on your child! You’ll get 1-on-1 attention to ensure you meet your goals and we'll communicate with your sports coach.

Physical Strength & Resilience

We teach proper movement patterns, making athletes less susceptible to injury in sports and in life.

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Chat with a coach at our gym to learn more about what Programme will fit your lifestyle and your goals.

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