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Squat Checksheet

You will perform 3 overhead squat facing face on to the camera, facing your back to the camera and to both sides


You will need a clear floor space approximately 1m square


No socks
Recommended shorts or tight fitting trousers/leggings
Tuck t-shirt into trousers

Camera Set Up

Ensure camera is set up far enough away from athletes in order to get the whole body in the shot
Recommended camera set a portrait
If you have a slow motion feature this is recommended to allow you to spot movement faults easier

Feet Set Up

You will set your feet the same way each time your turn
Start with feet together
Turn out the toes while keeping heels together
Move heels out in line with toes so both feet face directly forward
Feet should be set up straight underneath the hips

Arm Set Up

You will set your arms the same way each time your turn
Arms are held straight above the head
Aim to keep the arms straight the whole way through the movement

Overhead Squat Fault List

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