Despite the proven benefits of “warming up” that are well established in sports performance, warm ups are often rushed, poorly completed or totally overlooked by many youth athletes. Given a warm up should last at least 15 mins, there is an enormous amount of accumulated time over a training year that can be used to not only prepare them for training but also improve athleticism. For example, an athlete that trains for 42wks a year, 6 days a week, once a day, accumulates 63 hours of warm up time.

Given the potential of warm ups, it’s important for you, as parents, to understand if your child is warming up correctly and making the most of this valuable time.

Why Warm Up?

Put simply a warm up takes us from where we are to where we need to be to perform. At rest our bodies lack a number of key elements: our energy systems aren’t switched on, the force generating capacity of our muscles is low, our joints and muscles are not able to move safely into large ranges of movement and our speed and power capacity is not there. A well designed warm up can therefore be thought of as the acronym R.A.M.P described below.